Protect PDF

Drop PDF documents here or click to upload.

User Password (for Open)

Owner Password (for Permissions)

Encryption Strength
Existing User Password (Optional)

What does this web app :

This web app is a free online tool to protect pdf with a user password for opening and with an owner password for the restrictions and set permissions.

Instructions for Protect PDF Online Tool :

1. Drag and drop the PDF documents and wait to upload.

2. Enter new user password (for Opening) - optional.

3. Enter new owner password (for restrictions).

4. Specify permissions for the various restrictions.

5. Specify encryption strength 128bits or 40bits.

6. Enter existing user password, if there is one.

7. Press on the "Protect PDF" button and wait.

8. Press on the "Download Result" button to download zip package with protected pdf documents or click on each pdf document below.


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